New Years Intensive - Beginners

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3 Days of Intensive Training in Handstands with Dave Davy
Dates: January 2nd - 8th (January 5th is a Day off)
Times: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Price: $120
Early Bird Price (Cut-Off December 17th): $100

To Teach Technique, Learn how to practice on your own, and how to develop specific flexibility and strength for handstands.

Additional Information
This 6 Day intensive is designed to help you develop the basics and fundamentals of technique.

A big part of this intensive, will be also to help you develop plans for your practice. The Intensive will begin quite general, with basic technique and skill work, and as you develop skill and understanding, your session will begin to become more individualised.

This Intensive will include Specific Flexibility, and Handstand Specific Strength Work

FAQ (Fervently Anticipated Questions)
Q: What Level do I have to be to attend this?
A: Any Level up to having a consistent 30s Handstand. If you already have a consistent handstand, you may want to consider the Intermediate/Advanced workshop so that we are working on things more tailored to your skill-level

Q: I am extremely Weak and Scared of handstands, is it still worth me coming to this?
A: Yes! I am used to working with Absolute beginners, and we will be able to work on things relevant to you.

Q: What will I get out of this that I wouldn't get out of just normal classes?
A: Detail, Understanding and Individualisation. Coming to this, you will be far better prepared to make progress in your practice.

Q: Why should I attend a Handstand Workshop when I can just look up YouTube Tutorials?
A: The same reason you might go to a piano teacher, or a cricket coach. There is a great deal of information out there, and coming to an event like this, I will be able to help you target the important details, and target in on the most useful information.

Q: I'm not sure I can get through 3 days of 2 hours a day training...?
A: Yes you can. This workshop isn't just about smashing you until you can't feel your arms. The key here is progressive, and relevant and you will be working within your work-capacity

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