6 Day Intermediate Intensive!

Booking Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BGSFF

6 Days of Intensive Training in Handstands with Dave Davy
Dates: January 2nd - 8th (January 5th is a Day off)
Times: 10am - 2pm (1 hour Break)

Price: $350
Early Bird Price (Cut-Off December 17th): $300

Price + Class 10pack: $500 (3 month limit on 10pack)
Early Bird Price + 10pack (Cut-Off December 17th): $450

To Develop Technique, Learn about managing your own training; how to develop specific flexibility and strength for more advanced skills
Additional Information
This 6 Day intensive is designed to help you develop the basics and fundamentals of technique.

A big part of this intensive, will be also to help you develop plans for your practice. The Intensive will begin quite general, with basic technique and skill work, and will quickly become individualised.

This Intensive will include Specific Flexibility, and Handstand Specific Strength Work

FAQ (Fervently Anticipated Questions)
Q: What level do I have to be to attend?
A: It is recommended that you have a consistent 30s+ Handstand at the least.

Q: I am very advanced, and am working on things like One Arm Handstand Shapes etc, is this intensive still relevant for me?
A: Yes, this workshop will be highly individualised, and you will be able to work on the skills which are relevant for you.

Q: How are the days structured?
A: There will be a 2 Hour Block for Skill Training, followed by a 1 hour break, followed by a 1 hour Block of Specific Skill/Flexibility/Specific Training

Q: How much can I hope to improve by the end of this workshop?
A: It depends. If your practice is already consistent, then 6 days won't bring a drastic sudden change in the short-term. Because of this - this intensive is targeted towards long-term progress, to help you improve over a longer period of time (e.g 6 months)

Q: I have an injury - should I still come?
A: Depends on the nature and severity of the injury. We can always manage practical work for more minor injuries

Booking Link: https://www.trybooking.com/BGSFF