2012 Ido Portal Upper Body Strength Workshop - Sydney
2012 Ido Portal Movement Camp - Berlin
2012 November Gymnastic Bodies Seminar
2013 NICA Pre-Audition Workshop
2013 NICA Week long Intensive - Specialising in Handstands
2013 Online Handstand Training via Yuval Ayalon
2013 Ido Portal Movement Camp – Singapore
2014 Spin Circus Festival
2014 Ido Portal Movement X - Melbourne
2014 Spin Circus Academy - Specialising in Adagio and Handstands
2014 Yuri Marmerstein Handbalance Workshop
2014 Private Tuition via Alex Mizzen
2014 2 Week Spin Circus Intensive - Specialising in Handbalancing
2015 Miguel Sant'ana Handbalancing Workshop

Handstand Training


Dave has been very active from a young age. His school years were spent mainly thinking about and playing Cricket, Aussie Rules and Basketball.


Once he completed school, he continued playing cricket, before moving into Muay Thai kickboxing. However, he was forced to take a six month layoff from any physical training after having major surgery on his chest to repair a major structural birth defect.


During these months, where he could barely get himself out of bed, he realised just how much movement meant to him, and upon recovery immediately resumed kickboxing and exploring other avenues of movement - which led him to discovering Ido Portal.


Dave attended Ido’s Movement Camp in 2012, where his interest in movement quickly ignited into a passion, in particular for rock-climbing and handstands. Delving deeper into the arts of movements, he became completely immersed in handbalancing, actively seeking out the best teachers available, training online under Yuval Ayalon before meeting handbalancer Alex Mizzen, from whom he learned additional tools to further refine his handstands, and began performing as a handbalancer in December 2014.


Thanks to his non-gymnastic background, learning as an adult, being self-trained, Dave gained a unique perspective on the mechanics behind how the handstand works, and has developed an approach to produce results in anyone.


Dave now teaches handstands 4 days a week, including intensives and workshops. 

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